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The Director-General for Health (DGH) announced this Sunday at lunchtime that the number of deaths had increased by 27 to 714 from 687. This represents the 6th day of similar mortality rates of around 30. To date, there have been 20,206 confirmed cases which is an increase of 521 since the figures announced yesterday – this compares to an increase of 660 in the preceding period.
The number of recovered cases is 610 (no change). There were 1,243 inpatients which is 7 less than yesterday. There are 224 in intensive care units (ICUs) which represents 2 more than the figure announced on Saturday. The number of suspected cases has increased to 187,604 compared 162,711 announced yesterday. The number of suspected cases has risen by some 25,000 cases in one day – a significant increase but this may as a result of a more comprehensive testing regime, so it is too early to provide a reason for such a large daily increase.