October was the hottest October for 87 years according to the Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA). Since 1931 there was no such a hot October, with the average air temperature about 3 ° C above the normal value.

The difference is more noticeable if we look at the average value of the maximum temperature, which was the highest since 1931, about 5 ° C above the normal value.

The IPMA highlights the occurrence of new highs and highs for the month of October, with special emphasis on the 15th, which was the hottest day of the month.

There were two heat waves, from 1 to 16 and from 23 to 30 October, which covered a large part of the continent, with the exception of the coastal regions. The first heat wave had a maximum duration of 15/16 days and is among the longest for the month of October.

Regarding rainfall, October was classified as extremely dry – the driest of the last 20 years, which contributed to leaving the entire continent of the continent in severe drought (24.8%) or extreme (75.2%) drought,