Coimbra’s PSP is investigating the case of an elderly woman who, on Thursday 10th May had cash and valuables stolen from her wardrobe after letting two unknown women into the house.

The 74-year-old victim, who lives in Coimbra, let two women in the room after they rang the doorbell, with the excuse that they wanted to leave a message to a neighbour who did not answer. They ask the victim to write a note.

Whilst she was sat with one of the suspects at a table writing the message, the other entered the victim’s bedroom, without her noticing, and stole a small safe with pieces of ivory and gold, several watches, and a large sum of money. It was only when the couple left the house that the elderly woman realize the items had been stolen.

The PSP advises never to allow strangers to enter the house, never trust someone just by presenting themselves convincingly and not keeping large amounts of money at home or at least not saving the entire amount in the same place.