High quantity” of cocaine was seized by the Judiciary Police on a vessel that sailed in the Atlantic Ocean. The “Tuga” operation, carried out by the National Unit to Combat Narcotics Traffic, had the support of the Navy and the Air Force, was launched “in the last days”, in the context of the fight against drug trafficking, by sea, and to the detention of 11 persons of various nationalities.

In a statement, the PJ informs that the boat in question was logistical support. “In this action, it was possible to locate and then intercept, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a logistical support vessel for the high seas, which was being used to transport a high amount of cocaine,” police said.

“In addition to the drug, which had as its final destination the European continent, the authorities seized the vessel and various equipment used by the criminal organization, namely navigation and telecommunications equipment,” adds the note from the PJ.