Emergency numbers, Embassy Emergency Contact list, Help lines

Summoning help in an emergency – Calling 112

When an emergency happens it is important to summon help quickly. Emergencies can range from dealing with a serious accident; a heart attack; a fire or being a victim of crime. Portugal is very well equipped to deal with a whole range of emergencies and in many cases has some of best trained and equipped response services in Europe.


Emergency Information and Contact Poster for your Home

Dealing with an emergency and calling 112 can be a stressful time, so having information immediately available will help you in summoning help.

Safe Communities Portugal has designed a poster to help you in this respect. Download it in English and Portuguese here:

Emergency Information and Contacts  (Coloured version)

Emergency Information and Contacts BW  (Black and white version)

Please fill in and place in a conspicuous place in your home, inside entrance doors for instance.

If you family and friends staying with you, ensure they are aware.

If you rent a property to clients also ensure they are aware.

Our thanks to ANEPC in supporting this initiative.


112 Background information

Since 1981 Portugal has had an Integrated Medical Emergency System (SIEM), which is a set of entities that cooperate with one goal: providing assistance to victims of an accident or sudden illness. These entities are the PSP, GNR, INEM, the fire department, the Portuguese Red Cross, Hospitals and Health Centres. INEM is the agency of the Ministry of Health responsible for coordinating the operation in mainland Portugal.

The system starts when someone calls 112 – The European Emergency Number. The service call connects to the national emergency centre operated by the PSP. Where the reason for the call has to do with health, it is transferred to the Center’s Guidance Emergency Patients (CODU) unit under INEM. Whenever CODU initiates an emergency response it is handled by the unit closest to the place of occurrence, regardless of the entity to which it belongs. More information can be found at the INEM website.

When dealing with an emergency it is important to remain calm and follow the emergency centre operator’s advice. It is also essential that these numbers are only used in a genuine emergency, as non-emergency calls can result in delayed response to those requiring urgent assistance. English is understood but it is essential to speak clearly giving your name, location and nature of the emergency.

In addition to ensuring quick access to emergency contact details, Safe Communities Portugal has researched and provided on this page a comprehensive list of the various help lines and hotlines in the country. These range from who to contact in the case of domestic violence, poisoning cases and child neglect. Please note English may not be spoken in all of these services.

More details concerning the above points following a visit to the Lisbon 112 Call centre on April 2022 can be found here

During disasters – Embassy and Consular team contact list 

During disasters such as major fires, or other incidents they affect a number of people affected in urgent need may need to contact their Embassy/Consular team out of office hours . Here is a list:

Embassies will be closed it is important to use Emergency numbers. Some of these are listed below and more will be added;
British Embassy   +351 213 924 000  (24/7)
Australian Embassy:  +351 213 101 500 or +61 6261 3305 (24/7)
Belgium Embassy Lisbon:  +351 919 810 031 (24/7) or 351 213 170 510
Belgium Consulate Faro 289 812 589  or 289 812 590
Denmark Embassy:  +351 21 351 2960; 24 hr number +45 3392 1112
German Embassy Lisbon  +351 – 96 580 80 92 (or by text messaging) 0r 351 218 810 210.
Canada Embassy Lisbon:  21-316-4600
Spanish Embassy Lisbon:   +351 – 917 267 402 or 21 347 2381
Finland Embassy Stockholm   + 358 9 1605 5555
French Embassy Lisbon:    +351 966 16 07 01 (24/7)
Dutch Embassy Lisbon:   +351 91 776 5306 or +31 247 247 247
Italian Embassy:  +351 919 523 500 or +39 06 36 91 26 26
Irish embassy:  + 351 213308200, (Duty office mailbox
Russian embassy:  +351 91 594 03 05
South African Embassy +351 964 151 989 (24/7)
Sweden Embassy 21 394 2260 or Consular office Faro at 281 325 629 or 96 404 3380.
USA Embassy:   00351-21-727-3300 or 351-21-094-2000 and press “0”
For Portuguese nationals: contact ANPC Headquarters +351 214 247100
NameWhat they do Tel/Fax AddressEmail Website
Fire ServicesEmergency response to fires112
Public Health LineHealth advice to citizens. Telephone helpdesk 24 hrs per day
800 242 424
Maritime Police
Coastal patrol and emergencies at sea
210 911 100
Medical Emergency
Emergency response to medical emergency
National Social Emergency Line
All people in social emergency in Domestic violence; Abandonment; Homeless; Children and young people in danger
PoisonsUrgent advice provided
808 250 142
Includes Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) and Policia Seguranca Publica (PSP
Sea Rescue
Maritime Search and Rescue Service
112, 214 401 919


NameWhat they do Tel/Fax AddressEmail Website
Alcoholics Anonymous
Share with each other their experience, strength and hope to solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.
217 162 969
Praça D. Miguel I, Nº 3 C 2660-310 SANTO ANTÓNIO DOS CAVALEIROS
Anti-Alcoholic Portuguese Society
Organization for the prevention of alcohol related problems and support to the alcoholics
213571483, Fax 213152313
Rua Febo Moniz, 13 - 1º 1150-152, Lisboa,
Poison Line
INEM Provides information regarding the diagnosis, toxicity, treatment and prognosis of exposure to toxic - human and animal - and acute or chronic poisoning.
808 250 143 (24 hours)Rua Almirante Barroso, 36 1000-013 Lisbon


NameWhat they do Tel/Fax AddressEmail Website
Child Helpline
Childline intended to receive complaints relating to children and youth who are at risk or in danger
800 206 656 Monday to Friday 09.30 – 17.30 hrs
SOS Child Line
Promotion of children’s rights Crimes against children
SOS – Child 116111 SOS – Missing child 116000Largo da Memória, 14 LISBOA 1349-045 Portugaliac-sede@iacrianca.ptwww.iacrianca.pt/
SOS Line Student
Help and emotional support for students, suicide, stress, loneliness, sexuality
808 200 204 969 554 545 Monday to Friday 20.00-0100 hrs


NameWhat they do Tel/Fax AddressEmail Website
APAVSupport for victims of crime
707 200 077 Monday – Friday 10.00-13.00 hrs & 14.00-1730 hrs
Rua José Estêvão, 135 A, Pisos 1/2 1150-201 Lisboa Portugal


NameWhat they do Tel/Fax AddressEmail Website
Drug Abuse Support (Linha VIDA – SOS Drogos
Information, counselling, support and referral in the field of drug addiction.
1414 Mondays to Fridays 10.00 – 20.00 hrs
Avenida da República n.º 61 - do 1º ao 3º e do 7º ao 9º 1050-189 Lisboa
Narcoticos Anonimos
Association of recovering addicts who meet regularly in order to help each other in and stay clean.
800 202 013
Apartado 526 EC, 2796-801 Carnaxide
Famílias Anónimas
People whose lives have been affected by the use of psychoactive chemicals or behaviours related to it
916 718 947
962 688 811
Rua Manuel Almeida Vasconcelos, Lote 51, 2º Dt. Quinta do Barão 2775-714 Carcavelosfamiliasanonimas1987@gmail.comwww.familiasanonimas-pt.org/


NameWhat they do Tel/Fax AddressEmail Website
Cancer Help Line
Advice line support (medical, psychological and social assistance) and information about cancer.
213 619 542
Av. de Ceuta Norte, Bairro do Loureiro, Lote 11 - Loja 2 1350-410 Lisboa
Contra O CancroInform and support people with cancer and their family or friends in aspects relating to the disease,808 255 255
Avenida Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, nº 57 - 3º Frente 1070-061 - Lisboa
Associaçção Conversa Amiga
People in loneliness and exclusion
808 237 327
Alto do Pina, Lisboa
Service conducted by technicians with specific training in the area of HIV / AIDS and telephone counselling
800 20 10 40 (17.30-21.30 hrs)
Rua do Crucifixo, n.º40, 4.º Esq.- 1100-183 Lisboa
Linha do Cidadão com Deficiência
Help and information for citizens with disabilities
800 208 462 (09.30-1730 hrs)
Public Health Line 24
Health advice to citizens. On line chat facility 24 hrs per day
808 24 24 24 Tel 210 126 946 (Fax)
SOS Voz Amiga
Helpdesk in acute situations of suffering caused by Loneliness, Anxiety, Depression and Risk.
21 354 45 45, 91 280 26 69, 96 352 46 60, (16.00 – 24.00 hrs)
Liga Portuguesa de Higiene Mental Av. Júlio Dinis, 23 – 1.º Esq.[Campo Pequeno, 1050-130 Lisboa
Telefone da Amizade
Helpline for those with problems, are desperate or lonely.
228 323 535, 16.00-2300 hrs daily


NameWhat they do Tel/Fax AddressEmail Website
Saude Sexual e Reprodutiva
Talk to someone about sex, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, homosexuality, termination of pregnancy
Sexuality 808 222 003, Unwanted pregnancies 707 200 249
Health Portal
Pregnancy Hotline Sexuality and family planning support
213 862 020, 808 20 11 39, 213 827 859 (Fax)
Rua do Arco do Carvalhão, n.º 282 - 1350-026 Lisboa

Senior Citizens

NameWhat they do Tel/Fax AddressEmail Website
On-line Senior Citizens
Help senior citizens rights and benefits, in such important areas as health, social security, housing
800 20 35 31. 09.30-1730 hrs


NameWhat they do Tel/Fax AddressEmail Website
Commission for Equality & Women’s Rights
Abuse against women and domestic violence
800 202 148, 239 832 073
Parque Infantil do Alvito, Estrada do Alvito, Monsanto. 1300-054 Lisboa