Now we are out and about again are a period of lockdown it is now more important than ever to carry one of these and help not only yourself but the overstretched emergency and health services at this time.

To improve the communication process with the emergency medical services in case of a serious accident, Association Safe Communities Portugal (SCP) has developed an emergency medical ID card for tourists and foreign residents. It was first launched in November 2018.

The Emergency Card does not replace any official identification documents, but is intended to serve as an additional source of information that contains specific data such as medication, allergies, current illnesses and information that the emergency services need to know AT THE SCENE. It also contains the citizens’ countries of origin, whom it may be necessary to establish direct contact, with the help of embassies, in case of emergencies where the card holder is a victim.


  • 1. Free of charge
  • 2. Developed by SCP with INEM and security forces and recognised by them
  • 3. In English and Portuguese
  • 4. Easy to download from official websites – no waiting time
  • 5. Easy to update
  • 6. No data privacy issues

In collaboration with the GNR, PSP and INEM Safe Communities Portugal Association sought to respond to a need identified by the foreign community in Portugal, making available in a single document of personal and health data that may be useful to medical teams and Authorities in an emergency situation, such as a road accident or major catastrophes.

Remember you maybe unconscious or unable to communicate clearly. Every second counts.
The document in English and Portuguese is available for download on the websites of Safe Communities Portugal INEM and Security Forces,