The Judicial Police, through the National Counterterrorism Unit (UNCT), detained a 42-year-old foreign man as part of an investigation for aggravated kidnapping and coercion, involving highly violent, organized and transnational criminality.

The arrest took place following a request for urgent cooperation from the French authorities stating that a citizen of that country was abducted and coerced by another individual inside a sailboat on the high seas.

In order to carry out the rescue operation of the victim, 28 years of age, the Judicial Police had the close collaboration of the Portuguese Navy and Air Force, as well as the Maritime Police in the location of the sailboat in question and with the first two in the respective approach.

The combined action of these entities, under the coordination of the National Unit Against Terrorism of the Judicial Police, was able to stop the kidnapping and ongoing coercion, rescuing the victim.

The UNCT also searched the vessel and seized a large amount of money and other relevant items.

The criminal investigation will continue in order to know the extent of the criminal actions in question.

The detainee was present at the first judicial interrogation at the criminal investigation court in Lisbon last Sunday, July 29, 2018, and in view of the seriousness of the crimes in question he was charged with, he was remanded in custody.