Crime Prevention Advice

This page together with the tabs shown on the right provide the crime prevention tips to help you keep safe and your property secure.

A low level of crime, means safe communities, which is essential in enabling a high quality of life of all citizens.

Three elements must be present for a crime to occur; desire, ability and opportunity. This is also known as the crime triangle. A person may “want” to commit a crime, and have the “ability” to commit a crime, but if we deny them the “opportunity”, then no crime can be committed.

Historically, the primary goal of crime prevention has been to apprehend criminals. Although this goal is still important, the goal of preventing crime and also reducing the fear and the cost of crime has taken on significant importance.

Portugal traditionally has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe and is currently the 3rd most peaceful country in the world.

As in any country there is crime and therefore it is important to ensure that the community are aware of the role everyone can play in keeping the level of crime low and reducing it even further.

This is a collective effort, involving close engagement between the various security forces, civil society organisations and the community. Only when there is close engagement results can be achieved. Programs such as the GNR’s Safe Residence Program are good examples of this.

Safe Communities Portugal has a pivotal rile being the only crime prevention non-profit organisation in Portugal serving the international communities in Portugal including tourists.

The SCP downloads are based on the crime trends and the more common types of crime

A “One Stop Shop” of Crime Prevention Advice


From cyber bullying to home protection, Safe Communities Portugal (SCP) provides the most extensive range of crime prevention advice available in Portugal. With over 70 downloads, prepared by SCP, the PSP, GNR, Judicial Police, Ministry of Internal affairs and other agencies, this brings together a diverse range of well researched material available for your every need. Just click on the appropriate drop down tab and then on the article you require.

In August 2015, Safe Communities Portugal launched its “Stay Safe” campaign with newly designed easy to read leaflets, covering crime prevention by various activities. These come with a distinctive logo and can be read together in the links below. Please download and share. More will be added in due course