Crime statistics in Portugal are formally published each year in March/April covering the preceding year. This report published by the Ministry of Internal Administration covers the work and consolidated figures for all the law enforcement services, e.g. the PSP, GNR, Policia Judiciara and SEF. These can be found on the Directorate General for Justice Policy website

It is important to note that these formal annual reports contain “recorded crime” only. As in any country there is always an element of crime that is not reported.

Interim reports are usually released to the media at certain times of the year by the GNR and PSP covering main crime trends usually as percentage increases or decreases compared with the previous year. For the PSP, the crime trends only represent crime recorded in the major cities such as: Lisbon, Porto and Faro for example. The GNR figures contain data for the remainder of the country for which they are responsible. All these interim figures are subject to adjustment at the close of the year once all the figures have consolidated.