The Economic and Food Safety Authority (ASAE) is the national specialised administrative authority for food safety and economic surveillance. ASAE is under the Ministry of Economy and its organic structure covers the whole country and several Central and Regional Control Services, with its headquarters in Lisbon.

ASAE is responsible for the exercise of economic activities in the food and non-food sectors, by monitoring, preventing and enforcement of regulations and legislation. ASAE is a criminal police body.

It is in charge for the risk assessment and risk communication on food chain and feed. This is handled by a Scientific Directorate that coordinates all EFSA-related activities including the Portuguese representation in EFSA’s Advisory Forum and Focal Point. One reference Laboratory is attached to the ASAE pursuant Regulation (EC) nº 882/2004.

ASAE has a very wide scope, responsible for the enforcement of over 1000 food, non-food and services laws, (link to legislação in It is also the competent authority for the surveillance of sale of products and services, in order to ensure safety and consumer health, as well as developing preventive and enforcement actions relating to illegal gambling.

ASAE inspection activity covers the following activities within its remit: industrial, tourist, commercial, agricultural, livestock, slaughtering, fishing, including recreational fishing activities, or any activity of rendering of services, warehouses, offices, notaries, transportation, cold stores, hotels, local lodging, travel agencies, holidays camps, casinos and bingos, restaurants and cafes, nightclubs and bars, canteens, medical and dental clinics, veterinary clinics, pharmacies and medical stores of pharmaceuticals, hairdressers and beauty centers, fairgrounds, play areas and recreation, infrastructure, equipment and sports facilities, health clubs, ports, stations and air terminals.

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