Five people were assisted on site by inhalation of fumes

A fire destroyed a rural tourism unit on Sunday 24th December in Alandroal county, in the Évora district, where 55 people had to be removed by the authorities, a Civil Protection source told Lusa.

According to the same source, five people were assisted at the site from inhalation of fumes, and there was no need to transport them to the hospital.

Civil Protection indicated that it was a building divided into apartments that “burned in full” and reported that guests were taken to another tourist unit owned by the same owner.

The fire alert was given at 16:18 and the fire came to a resolution at 18:25. The case is being investigated by police authorities.

At the site were five fire brigades (with 13 vehicles), the GNR and the municipal services of Civil Protection of Alandroal.