180 people are engaged in patrolling for fire prevention

The sierras of Madeira are, as of today, provided with teams to patrol and vigilance thanks to the Operative Plan of Combat to Forest Fires. The Secretary for Social Inclusion and Social Affairs stated this was in an initiative that aimed to mark the start of this plan, which extends until October 15, with the aim of preventing the ignition of forest fires.

Rubina Leal stressed, however, that if necessary, this surveillance could extend for more days. All of the Region’s fire brigades are committed to this plan which will feature patrolling throughout the island. “You have to be aware that, for example, this year, 193 ignitions have started in the woods,” said the secretary.

GNR is also committed to this plan, which has existed for three years, in order to detect and prevent early forest and forest fires. The government also counts on the population to give the alert in case of fire starts.

In total 180 people are involved in this initiative. Regarding the use of air resources, Rubina Leal says she is still waiting for the report to assess if the use of these resources is required.

In addition, 10 hectares have been cleared in the sierras of Madeira in order to prevent forest fires and the resources of the firefighters have been strengthened. However, there is also an international tender for the acquisition of 18 vehicles that reinforce corporations in the Region.

Rubina Leal also added that, weekly, atmospheric conditions are evaluated in order to take preventive action. “Everybody is perfectly aware of what they have to do to prevent fires” she said.