A Faro Airport campaign calling for an escape from the “Algarve confusion” is causing controversy. The Government has already asked for explanations from ANA Aeroportos, which has suspended, on Monday, the publications on social networks.

The phrase “Flee from the Algarve confusion and rest in France”, in Portuguese, English and Spanish, was the beacon of an advertising campaign for flights to Marseille, sparked a chorus of protests.

The President of the Algarve Tourism Region, João Fernandes, condemned the campaign, having contacted the airport management who “ordered the immediate cessation of this campaign and the clearance of responsibilities for its disclosure”.

The PS / Algarve president and deputy, José Graça, also called for “the immediate suspension of campaigns sponsored by Faro Airport, promoting external destinations as an alternative to the Algarve, having contacted the guardianship to express their displeasure”. Rep. Cristóvão Norte (PSD) called the campaign “foolish” and “disrespectful for the Algarve”.

In a statement, the Office of the Minister for Infrastructure and Housing reported that “the Government, as soon as it became aware of the situation [Faro Airport advertising campaign promoting the destination of Marseille], asked ANA for explanations and immediately called for action to remove a publication that is contrary to the interests of the country, the Portuguese and the national economy “. In the same note, it states that “ANA has already made inquiries about what happened and immediately withdrew the connection in question”.

After the chorus of criticism and outrage, the campaign, which was in effect for about a week, was eventually suspended. Contacted by JN, ANA Aeroportos has not commented on the controversy.