Dealing with forest fires involves a number of agencies which is coordinated by the ANPC Civil Protection agency. Other agencies such as the GNR also have vital roles to play with specialist units such as SEPNA that deal with environment protection issues and GIPS who deal with emergency situations such as fighting fires, other natural disasters and the evacuation and rescuing of victims. SEPNA has a wide range of responsibilities dealing, for instance, with cruelty to animals. 

In order that residents are more aware of the work of these agencies Safe Communities Algarve is holding, together with the GNR, a number of displays and seminars where people can speak to those involved and view some of the emergency equipment. The ANPC have also agreed to participate.

These displays/seminars are focused at those living in rural areas and will be in English. Captain Santos Commander of GNR Faro will be present together with GNR specialist units and their Safe Residence Programme team. Details are the events are as follows:

  • Tuesday 20th May 2014 from 1700 to 1900 hrs at the Freguesia de Santa Bárbara de Nexe, located at Rua Da Junta de Freguesia 8, Santa Bárbara de Nexe
  • Thursday 22nd May 2014 from 1700 to 1900 at the Museu Do Trajo de Algarve, Rua Dr Jose Dias Sancho 61, Sao Bras de Alportel
  • Friday 30th May 2014 1600 to 1800 – Monchique (details to be confirmed)

I would advise everyone to attend these seminars and displays as it will be an excellent opportunity to speak directly to those involved in civil protection planning and dealing with natural disasters including fires – which could affect your property.

If you wish to attend please contact