Domestic violence arrests have decreased 32% since the pandemic began

Arrests for the crime of domestic violence have decreased by about 32% since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic compared to the same period in 2019, the Public Security Police revealed on 7th October

In the webinar “The covid-19 pandemic and internal security”, the head of the PSP’s policing and public order division, Pedro Grilo, said that between March 18 and October 1, there was “an effective decrease” of complaints for domestic violence, as well as a 32% decrease in arrests for this type of crime.

According to data provided by the PSP, 290 people were detained between March 18 (when the state of emergency began due to covid-19) and October 1, while during the same period last year, 422 arrests were made by this security force.

The same official also said that in the state of emergency, which ended on May 2, there was an increase in crimes of computer fraud and communications and bank fraud, as well as the crime of driving without legal authorization. Pedro Grilo justified the crime of driving without legal authorization with “the exponential increase” of road enforcement actions carried out by the PSP.

In turn, in the period between May 3 and October 1, there was “a marked decrease in general and violent and serious crime”, despite the increase in police proactivity and arrests, underlined the head of the policing and order division of the PSP.

Pedro Grilo also stressed that, in the different contexts of the epidemic, namely in the state of emergency and situations of calamity and contingency, “there were no significant security incidents or resistance to police actions, even in habitually more sensitive territories”.


Major Police operation in Porto

Recently a PSP mega-operation surrounded the Pasteleira neighbourhood in Porto and arrested 15 people linked to the drug trade.

The target of the operation was an organized group with several cells, which was very active in the spread of drugs in that area. Large quantities of weapons and drugs were seized.

The Criminal Investigation Division of the PSP of Porto have been investigating this group for several months and enforced 12 home search warrants in what is considered one of the most problematic neighbourhoods in the city of Porto.

“This operation took place without incident, despite the fact that more than 48 agents from the Investigation Division and also agents from the Special Police Unit were involved,” explained João Soeima, commissioner of the PSP and responsible for this mega-operation, adding that the objective is to combat drug trafficking and that “the detainees were mainly involved in the direct sale of drugs in this neighbourhood”.

Of the 15 detainees, at least four are women, who will be presented at court for their first hearing and will await sentencing.

There have been frequent operations of this kind in the problem neighbourhoods, in the city of Porto, specifically known for the activity of drug trafficking

In the case of this neighbourhood of Pasteleira, this is the third major operation carried out by the police in just four months. The previous ones took place in June and July this year.

Braga PSP agents save the life of two elderly people from fire

Two PSP agents from Braga, one from Amares and the other from Vieira do Minho, received public praise after saving the lives of two elderly people, in an apartment near Braga Parque, reported a source from Radio Alto Ave

According to the same source, the heroic act was performed on a Saturday 3rd Oct when the two policemen arrived first on the scene before the Firefighters of Braga arrived, saved the lives of two elderly people. They went up to the apartment and removed the elderly from the house.

PSP seizes 9,422 euros and hundreds of doses of drugs in Braga

The operation to combat drug trafficking today carried out in the neighbourhood of Enguardas, in Braga, resulted in a total of 10 detainees and the seizure of drugs, money and weapons, the PSP revealed.

In a statement, the PSP confirmed that the detainees comprised five men and five women, aged between 17 and 67, and that enough heroin has been seized for about 240 individual doses, as well as 71.28 grams of liamba, in addition to contraband material used in the cutting and packaging of the narcotic.

“Resulting from the operation, the PSP Command in Braga believes it has dealt a serious blow to drug trafficking in the city of Braga originating in that area, as well as contributing to increasing the feeling of security in the same and adjacent areas, which have been the target for illegal activities and a constant concern and work on the part of this police”, highlights PSP Braga.

A total of 9,422 euros, two prohibited weapons and 60 euros in counterfeit notes were also seized.

The operation included the execution of 14 house searches and seven arrest warrants.

In this police action, the entire criminal investigation structure of the Braga Command and the rapid intervention teams was engaged.

The operation involved the collaboration of the Special Police Unit, through the Cinotécnico Operational Group, and elements of the PSP’s criminal investigation structure of the Vila Real, Viana do Castelo and Aveiro commands.

The detainees will be taken to court, for first judicial interrogation and application of the respective enforcement measures.

Safe Schools – Prevention and Enforcement

More than 180 people were detained in more than 1,000 police operations carried out between 14 and 20 September in the context of the operation “Safe School – Beginning of the Academic Year 2020/2021”, the PSP announced on 9th October.

In a statement, PSP states that 3,468 police officers participated in the initiative, which took place in mainland Portugal and the Autonomous Regions, which carried out 1,070 operations, resulting in 186 arrests.

The operation “Safe School – aims to promote the intensification of visibility and inspection through policing actions, as well as awareness raising actions at school establishments.

The operation also aims to prevent criminal and administrative offenses through the inspection of traffic and road safety in the vicinity of schools, the inspection of commercial establishments, restaurants and drinks, among other spaces, frequented by minors and the verification of compliance with the legal rules in force within the scope of prevention and combating the covid-19 pandemic.

PSP highlights that of the operations, 386 had a reinforced police presence, 415 for road inspections, 163 for inspection of commercial establishments and 114 in other operations / inspections.

In addition to the arrests, 102 vehicles and 33 weapons were seized during the operations.

In the note, the PSP indicates that 3,874 notices of infraction for road infractions and 11 notices of infraction for infractions in commercial establishments were collected.

364 group awareness-raising actions were also carried out in 270 schools, attended by 11,989 students and 1,354 teachers and operational assistants, and 1,552 individual criminal prevention contacts were made in schools


Covid-19: PSP offers Webinar “Pandemic and Security”

The Public Security Police (PSP), through the Investigation Centre (ICPOL) of the Higher Institute of Police Sciences and Internal Security (ISCPSI) and the Operations Department of the National Directorate, has made available to the public as of the, 07 October a webinar dedicated to the topic: “The Pandemic of COVID 19 and Homeland Security”.

According to information that the Diário Digital Castelo Branco had access to, in this online event (webinar), the PSP has the participation of representatives of the Directorate-General for Health, Foreigners and Borders Service, Republican National Guard, National Emergency and Protection Authority Civil and the National Institute of Medical Emergency, of who will all share their experiences, strategies and interventions in integrated mitigation of the pandemic outbreak.

With this initiative, the PSP intends to contribute to deepen the scientific and operational reflection on the impact – current and on a wide spectrum – of the pandemic in our society and, in particular, in the broad framework of public security and order, in civil protection and security health, as well as in the daily work of the Security and Protection and Relief Forces and Services.

As this is an event open to the whole society, we invite all people to participate in this reflection, by prior registration, through