The Metropolitan Command of Lisbon of the Public Security Police, in its area of ​​responsibility, continuing the objectives of prevention and deterrence of crime and illicit in general, in the period between 07h00 on September 15th and 07h00 on the 16th of September, carried out 13 police operations and detained 42 citizens for various crimes:

15 Driving under the influence of alcohol;

8 For trafficking in drugs;

8 Driving without legal authorization;

3 Theft;

2 For disobedience;

2 for R resistance and coercion on Employee;

2 For illegal possession of a weapon;

1 Illegal immigration;

1 Private Security offence and

1 For Other Crimes.

From the operational activity, it was possible to apprehend the following items: 5,452 doses of narcotic product suspected of being Cocaine; 764 Doses of narcotic product suspected of being Hashish; a Carbine; 5 shotguns