LISBON, Sept. 25, 2019 (Lusa) – Three foreign nationals and one Portuguese were arrested at Lisbon airport on suspicion of cocaine trafficking, the Judiciary Police announced today.

According to PJ’s National Anti-Drug Trafficking Unit (UNCTE), the arrests occurred in recent days, following information gathered in an investigation that determined that “two of the detainees were to land at Lisbon Airport from a South American country, carrying a high amount of cocaine with them in suitcases “.

“When those suspects were intercepted, PJ found that they were carrying a high amount of cocaine that was seized and that, if it reached illicit distribution circuits, would be sufficient for the composition of at least 132,500 individual doses,” PJ said in a statement.

Later due diligence made it possible to locate and detain in Lisbon two other suspects who, according to the evidence gathered, were the addressees of the seized drug.

The detainees, three men and one woman, aged between 20 and 51, were subjected to the first judicial interrogation to enforce coercive measures.

The investigation is carried out by UNCTE PJ.