From 1 May to 31 August, four people have died in Portugal, in accidents related to bathing, which required 387 interventions by lifeguards on guarded beaches, according to information released today the National Maritime Authority.

According to data available on the Authority’s website, three of the deaths occurred in sea areas not guarded. These three deaths occurred up to June 20, at the beach of the Red Dragon on the Costa de Caparica (Almada), and another on 26 August, at the beach of Casal Ventoso district, in Figueira da Foz.

In the first case, a 57-year-old man of British nationality was drowned and in the second case, a 60-year-oldPortuguese man drowned. The third fatality – a 40-year-old Portuguese man drowned on July 30, in the seaside resort at beach Bom Sucesso, in Peniche.

In the case of supervised river beaches under maritime jurisdiction, an incident occurred on July 8, in the river area of ​​Foz do Lizandro, Mafra where the victim was a 6 year old Portuguese boy.

According to data from the National Maritime Authority, from 01 May to 31 August, the number of interventions by lifeguards in guarded beaches, was 387. In the same period, there were 621 interventions at non guarded beaches. Some 498 people received first aid. There were also 56 searches for lost children on beaches of whom all were found.