On 30th July 2018 the Judicial Police, and the National Republican Guard, mainly through the command of Castelo Branco, developed a joint operation called “Full Moon”, which resulted in the identification and arrest of 23 persons, most of them foreign nationals foreigners, for the alleged drug trafficking.

The arrests took place inside the grounds of the BOOM Festival in Idanha-a-Nova, in the context of combating trafficking, among others, the so-called synthetic drugs or design drugs, usually consumed at this type of event.

This operation, developed in close coordination with the services of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Castelo Branco and with the operational collaboration of several units, namely teams of Criminal Investigation and the Detachment of Intervention of the GNR and also with the presence in the field of a team of the Laboratory of Scientific Police of the Judiciary Police, was the culmination of an investigation begun three months ago, in order to signal and neutralize the action of individuals who travel to our country, with the sole purpose of marketing prohibited substances.

In addition to these arrests, 900 individual doses of liamba, 1800 hashish, 3650 MDMA, 75 cocaine, 1100 amphetamines have been seized in total, among other articles and drugs as yet unidentified.  Also seized were 1216 ecstasy tablets, 801 LSD microsamines, 26 liquid LSD bottles, 40 LSD-impregnated gums, 216 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms, 492 grams of DMT-impregnated plant substances, 130 grams Ketamine, 77 grams of opium, 47 mescaline micropoints, 11 precision balances, various computer, sound and image equipment and about 91,000 Euros in cash.

Those detained, aged between 22 and 48 years, were present at the first judicial interrogation, 4 of which were subject to pre-trial detention and 1 forbidden to re-enter the premises of the BOOM Festival.

The remaining 18 are still awaiting the decision on pre-trial conditions.