The Public Security Police (PSP) today 12th January 2017, detained a suspect in the shooting murder of a man in the parish of Monte, Funchal, said Comissario Fábio Castro.

The PSP said the suspect was detained in Largo da Fonte, in the parish of Monte, in Funchal, and offered no resistance.

The victim was the head of Monte’s Toboggan run, (a basket-driver, one of the island’s tourist attractions), who was shot in the wake of an argument with a colleague, said a source from the Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters, reported to the Dirias de Noticias.

“The police were rushed to the scene, the person who was on the spot was found inside the profile of the suspect and made his arrest,” he said.

The commissioner said that the case was transferred to the Judicial Police, adding that he did not know the reasons for the incident, nor how many shots were fired or what gun was used.

“The criminal investigation will be carried out by the Judicial Police,” he concluded.

The incident occurred at the beginning of the basket carriages on Mount, near Largo da Igreja.