Under the monitoring, surveillance, supervision, inspection and execution of warrants and administrative or judicial decisions relating to pollution incidents, the National Republican Guard (GNR), through the Nature and Environment Protection Service (SEPNA), have recorded so far this year the following:

  complaints contraventions crimes
Pollution of water area 249 394 8
Atmospheric pollution 100 171 1
soil pollution 29 76 two

SEPNA, in collaboration with the administrative bodies that oversee the various environmental components subject to pollution (air, water and soil), ensure compliance with laws and regulations relating to illicit checked the environment, water resources and land, investigated and prosecuted the following:

For the years 2014 and 2015, the GNR showed the following data:

  2014 2015
  complaints contraventions crimes complaints contraventions crimes
Pollution of water area 270 668 7 344 722 15
Atmospheric pollution 210 346 0 222 385 0
soil pollution 23 88 1 27 104 two

The GNR is available 24 hours / day, and throughout the country coverage (mainland and autonomous regions), the “SOS Environment and Territory” line through the blue number 808 200 520 or via , where citizens have the opportunity to report situations that might violate the environmental legislation and / or animal.