A manhunt is underway following the fatal shooting of a GNR agent, two others seriously injured, plus the shooting of two bystanders, one of whom has since died.

On 11th October at 0725 hrs in Cepos, two GNR agents on patrol received a report of a robbery in Cavaca, responded to the scene and located and chased the suspects. The suspects opened fire at the GNR agents and tried to escape using the vehicle of the GNR patrol vehicle to do so.

According to the GNR, following the approach of the military a GNR agent was wounded, and the other was placed in the trunk of the car that used in the patrol. This was then abandoned about five kilometers from the place at Aguiar da Beira.” It was here that the couple was found by the authorities in cardiac arrest.

An agent was shot in the legs in an area of difficult access, which prevented the ambulance from São Pedro do Sul to get to where he was. There were another two injured in serious condition

The vehicle that was following was found in Candal, where it was the scene of another shooting. The man eventually abandoned the car and escaped on foot. During this subsequent encounter another GNR agent has been shot and sent to hospital in critical condition.

The perimeter search was extended. The number who participated in the assault is currently unknown> Police authorities have launched a major operation to capture suspects between Aveiro and Spain. The neighbouring country has been informed and has set up road blocks

The incident is still ongoing with several hundred agents involved in the search, accompanied by helicopters, warned concerning the crime and is on alert.

Authorities were able to recover the service weapon of one of the soldiers shot and that was stolen by the suspect. The suspect Pedro Dias Arouca, is being sought is armed and highly dangerous.