The GNR, PSP and the National Road Safety Authority will launch on Tuesday 24 th November a Road  Safety Campaign “Don’t run over your plans”, to alert drivers and pedestrians to comply with the rules and avoid being the victim of a road accident.

In a statement, the Public Security Police (PSP) and the National Republican Guard (GNR), say that the campaign, which will run until Wednesday in some areas of the country, includes actions to raise awareness of the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) and inspection operations with a special focus on compliance with the rules of the highway code and complementary legislation regarding the correct circulation of vehicles and pedestrians.

In the note, GNR, PSP and ANSR recall that “fighting pedestrians being hit by cars is the responsibility of everyone, drivers and pedestrians”, stressing that between 2010 and 2019 more than 1,500 people were killed.

They also warn that the “probability of a pedestrian dying from being hit by a vehicle is 10% if the driver is driving at 30 kph, increasing more than eight times (80%) if the speed is 50 kph”.

For this reason, PSP, GNR and ANSR emphasize that pedestrians have to do their part, especially crossing the crosswalks, respecting the signs, not using distracting devices, such as headphones or mobile phones.

They also warn that the circulation of drivers and pedestrians under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous.

“More than a third of the drivers and almost a fifth of the pedestrians who were autopsied by the National Institute of Medicinal Legal and Forensic Sciences, had an alcohol rate equal to or greater than 0.5g / l”, they point out.

This campaign is part of the National Inspection Plan, as part of the National Strategic Road Safety Plan – PENSE 2020, which aims to “Make Road Safety a priority for all Portuguese”.

PENSE foresees the realization of awareness campaigns simultaneously with inspection operations, in places where infractions regularly occur which represent an increased risk for the occurrence of accidents.