The GNR in addition to its daily operations, carried out a series of operations throughout the country on the weekend of December 3 and 4, aimed at preventing and combating violent crime, providing road traffic control. The results of the operation 138 persons were arrested for the following;

  • 63 for driving under the influence of alcohol;
  • 34 for driving without legal authorization;
  • Eight for theft;
  • Five for trafficking in narcotics;
  • Four for illegal possession of a weapon.

The following items were seized:

  • 602 doses of hashish;
  • Two defence aerosols;
  • Two replica firearm;
  • A weapon;
  • 300 kilos of stolen olives;
  • A vehicle.


The Traffic police detected 1720 detected infractions, including:

  • 482 for excess speed;
  • 124 for driving with higher blood alcohol content than allowed by law;
  • 80 for lack of mandatory periodic inspection;