GNR announced the arrest of 52 people and the seizure of 350 doses of hashish and cocaine in several operations that took place across the country between 8 pm on Friday and 8 am on Saturday (10th/11th March 2017).

The operations carried out by the military aimed at “preventing and combating violent crime, road surveillance, among others,” said the GNR in a statement.

During the operations, 52 people were arrested whilst caught in the act, most of them (28) for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Seven people were detained for illegal gambling, six for driving without legal authorization, five for drug trafficking, one for illegal immigration and another for possession of a prohibited weapon, according to the GNR data.

The GNR military also seized 207 doses of hashish, 143 doses of cocaine and a blank weapon.

In traffic surveillance operations, 723 infractions were detected, 228 of which were for speeding and 57 for driving with excess alcohol.

The remaining infringements were due to improper use of the mobile phone in driving (36), lack of mandatory periodic inspection of the vehicle (35), lack of or incorrect use of the seat belt or seat (19), tachograph related infraction, and lack of civil liability insurance (4).

In this 12-hour period, the GNR registered 83 accidents, with 34 injuries.