On the afternoon of 16th October 2014 the GNR Territorial Criminal Research Unit Faro detained a Faro citizen aged 32 years for drug trafficking. Following a one month investigation, the GNR conducted an operation at a cannabis plantation in Soalheira in the municipality of São Brás.

During the operation a total of 4782 grams of cannabis flowers (the part the plant where it is most concentrated), plus 8 cannabis plants in the growth phase and 175 grams of seeds and crushed cannabis leaf were seized.

The home search conducted in connection with this operation resulted in the seizure of a small amount of hashish, a replica of a firearm (Walther P99), three bladed weapons (machetes) and various objects related to the cultivation of the narcotics, including polystyrene plates (used to sow the plants) and part of a sophisticated irrigation system for the plantation.

As a result of the operation a person aged 63 years was arrested, who owned and was resident at the site. The GNR strongly believes that the cultivation and selection of flowers (with a high commercial value) was intended to be sold.

The arrest and seizure is a result of ongoing operations aimed at combating this type crime, this being the twelfth seizure of cannabis plants made ​​in the area