The National Republican Guard (GNR), through the Coastal Control Unit (UCC)will participate this year in seven missions under the aegis of FRONTEX (European Border and Coast Guard Agency) with the main objective of preventing, detecting and terminating illicit activities related to illegal immigration, trafficking in human beings and drug trafficking, and to safeguard human lives at sea. This include:

  • ” Poseidon Sea – Patrol Car ” in Lesvos / Greece, from January 4 to 30 September;
  • ” Poseidon Sea – Coast Patrol Boat ” Kos / Greece “, January 1 to September 30;
  • ” FOA – South Western Balkans – Patrol Car” in Malko Tarnovo / Bulgaria, from January 4 to 13 September;
  • ” FOA – Western Balkans – Thermo Vision Vehicle ” in Kolotina / Bulgaria, from January 4 to 11 October.

In 2016, UCC participated in five missions of FRONTEX, involving a total of 80 military personnel, two vessels (a surveillance and interception boat and a high-speed craft), resulting in the rescue of 642 people from the sea; and them travelling 19 130 kms.