Realizing that a lifeguard at Praia do Cantinhoin in Esmoriz, was struggling to rescue a swimmer water, and both were being swept away by the strong current, GNR Guarda Caldas, 33, did not hesitate to intervene.

He dived into the sea and saved the 61-year-old man as well as helping the lifeguard, both of whom returned to the beach safely. The heroic act occurred on 14th July at 11.00. The military of the GNR, who works with a bicycle patrol at beaches, became aware of a gathering of people and ran immediately to the scene.

After the rescue, although frightened, neither the victim nor the lifeguard needed to be transported to the hospital.

Captain Ribeiro, head of the Detachment of GNR Ovar told the newspaper: “This is not the first time he saved somebody. Two years ago he rescued a person from the sea. So now he is a hero. He always tries to go beyond their mission.”