The operation, which was mobilized 650 military personnel who performed more than 460 inspections, resulted in the seizure of 64 doses of cocaine and seven illegal gambling machines

The GNR detained three people and registered nine crimes and 135 counts of misconduct during a private security surveillance operation, held nationwide November 22-26, the GNR reported on Monday 27th November.

During the operation, called “Prisec”, the GNR also seized seven illegal gaming machines, 64 doses of cocaine and two video surveillance systems, which operated without proper authorization, said the security force, in a statement.

During the five days of the operation, the GNR mobilized a total of 650 military personnel, who carried out more than 461 surveillance actions, especially at sports venues and commercial establishments, namely shopping centres and food and beverage establishments.

The GNR says that this operation of supervision is to detect situations that could constitute criminal or infractions in private security.

According to the GNR, the areas of supervision under this activity focus on personnel and private security resources, security measures, ownership, prohibitions and rules of conduct in the execution of private security services.

The GNR also indicates that, since the beginning of the year, it has carried out a total of 1138 inspection actions to companies, commercial establishments and sports venues.