In view of the weather forecast for the next few days, pointing to continued hot and dry weather, the National Republican Guard (GNR) will keep active its reinforcement of patrolling and surveillance in forest areas. These actions are designed to detect and deter practices that may contribute to the increased risk of forest fire, particularly in terms of burning and the use of machinery in agricultural / forestry areas.

The GNR is also contacting various organizers of festivals in order to ensure that they strictly comply with the ban on the use of rockets/fireworks and calling for containment of fire use in rural areas.

During 2016, the GNR identified 298 people and detained ten for arson. They also participated in court proceedings 3,008 news the same type of crime.

The GNR has activated Operation “Zero Ignition”, which aims to raise awareness and monitor the cleaning of land next to houses and roads, in compliance with the legislation governing this issue (Decree Law 124/2006 – National Defence System Forest Fire).

In 2015, GNR inspected 470,565 land, an amount that has increased significantly this year, having already been inspected 3,088,483 lands/properties Some 20,618 were identified with potential infringement situations. For these situations, it was possible to subsequently determine that most owners proceeded in time to the removal of materials that could constitute a risk, having been raised notices of administrative offense in other situations.

Since 2014 the GNR has raised over 6000 notices of administrative offense for failure to maintain the fuel management/land cleaning.