On 31st July 2014 the crime investigation unit of GNR Loulé, in collaboration with GNR Almancil, conducted an operation resulting in the attest of a 58 year old Portuguese citizen for theft.

Following a theft that had taken place in a residence the victim reported this to GNR Almancil, who commenced an investigation which located the culprit at Ilha de Faro.

A search was conducted where the culprit was staying and a number of items that had been stolen on the same day and previous day at two residences located in the Vale do  Garrão and Quinta do Lago were found and seized. This included two mobile phones, two laptops, two Iphones, an Ipad,  an LCD, an external disk, a pair of speakers and a lady’s handbag of a well know brand valued at several thousand euros. Together the objects recovered had a total estimated value of € 12,000.

In addition to these objects, a number of computer items as well as various tools and objects used in connection with the thefts were seized.

The detainee who has criminal records for drug trafficking, robbery, theft and possession of prohibited weapons, has appeared before the Judicial Court of Loulé for application of remand/reporting conditions pending trial.