The National Guard, in addition to their daily operational activities, carried out a series of operations throughout the country in the last week, 19-25 August that aimed to prevent and combat violent crime, road inspection among others, registering the following operational data:

A total of  477 were arrested, highlighting: 166 for driving under the influence of alcohol; 74 for driving without legal authorization; 59 for drug trafficking; 42 for illegal possession of weapon and 15 for theft.

The following items were seized

  • 36 957 doses of hashish;1886 · doses of cocaine;· 285 cannabis seeds;· 82 grams of cannabis leaf; 35 MDMA tablets; 26 cannabis plants; 17· LSD tablets; 12 grams of cannabis oil; Three grams of amphetamine.

Other items seized

  • 20 vehicles;
  • 19 firearms;
  • 67 sidearms;
  • 661 ammunition of various calibers;
  • 7467 counterfeit goods;
  • 3451 kilograms of bivalves;