The National Republican Guard (GNR) detected more than 800 people for improper use of the mobile phone while driving and almost 200 were arrested for excess alcohol under the “Smartphone, Smartdrive” operation that ended at Monday.

In a statement, the GNR said that during the operation that began on February 11, about 39 thousand drivers were inspected and 13,228 traffic violations were detected.

During the operation, GNR fined 863 drivers for improper use of the mobile phone while driving, 2,845 for speeding, 878 for lack of mandatory periodic inspection 723 for anomalies in the lighting and signaling systems, 544 for lack or incorrect use of the belt and / or child restraint system and 375 for lack of mandatory civil liability insurance.

In that period, 449 drivers with excess alcohol were also detected, of which 197 were detained with an alcohol rate higher than 1.2 g / l, and 135 due to lack of legal driving skills.

During the “Smartphone, Smartdrive” operation, GNR “intensified the enforcement of mobile phone misuse while driving, in order to contribute to the reduction of the risk of accidents and to the adoption of safer behavior by drivers” .

In the note, GNR recalls that the incorrect use and handling of mobile phones, tablets, or similar devices, for making calls, sending written messages or consulting social networks while driving causes associated risks (visual distraction, motor limitation and cognitive conditioning.