From 17th to 19th July the GNR will increase operations through at patrol and support to road users along the most critical routes in their area of responsibility, in order to ensure safety for citizens moving to / from summer places and / or various events during this time of the year.

During the three days of this 2nd phase of Operation Hermes, around 2834 personnel from the National Traffic Unit and territorial commands, will pay particular attention to driver behaviour that  increases the risk to road safety, namely: · Driving under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances; · Speeding; · Not using seat belt and / or child restraint systems; · Improper use of mobile phones; · Dangerous overtaking, change of direction, reversing the against direction of travel, failure to give way and keep safety distances and • Driving without legal requirements.

Operation Hermes runs throughout the summer period, from 03 July to 30 August. During this period the GNR will intensify its actions at various stages providing support to to road users.