During the summer, the National Republican Guard (GNR) is reinforcing patrols and support activities in its area of ​​responsibility, with particular emphasis on the most frequented seaside resorts, parties, pilgrimages and events throughout the country, and on the main roads.

In the scope of this operation, the Direct Key Program is active, with the purpose of guaranteeing the safety of the habitual residences of the citizens who are on vacation, by carrying out patrolling actions with them during the absence of their owners. Admission to the program must be requested at least 48 hours prior to the absence of the owners of the residence, through the internet at, or an application submitted at the GNR Of your area of ​​residence. The Direct Key program is active through September 15. It should be noted that in the last two summers, 3750 households were registered, with only one being the target of theft.

Also within the scope of Operation Summer Insurance, and for the first time, the GNR carries out the Tourism Insurance Program, with the objective of promoting support, security and fight against crime against tourists, national or foreign, thus contributing to a peaceful stay for those who visit Portugal.

In addition to the reinforcement of specialized patrols with a view to the care, reception and referral of these citizens. The military also develop information and awareness actions for this specific public, with the intention of preventing potential risks and dangers during their stay.

In order to promote and facilitate policing of proximity to tourists and in a context of international cooperation, we will also count on the permanent presence of six Spanish Civil Guard and three Gendamarie Nationale French military personnel to carry out mixed patrol in the bathing areas in most of the Algarve, Lisbon and Setúbal during the months of July and August. The GNR will also strengthen patrolling in the Spanish tourist areas most frequented by the Portuguese, such as Pontevedra and Huelva, with four soldiers. There will also be reinforcement of the joint patrol with the Guardia Civil, in Portuguese and Spanish territory, along the border zones, in larger events.

Surveillance of the coastline will be strengthened through the Coastal Control Unit whose mission is surveillance, patrolling and interception by land or sea along the coast and territorial sea of ​​the continent and the autonomous regions, in particular those points which may offer better conditions for and prevent and detecting illegal entry of foreign nationals. It will also strengthen the enforcement actions of national and foreign recreational craft, in order to verify the safety conditions for its operation, in order to prevent and take action against behaviour that lead to situations of danger to navigation