From 1st June to 15th September the GNR carried out its Operation “Safe Summer”, though intensified patrols, support and supervision throughout 90% of the country, which is their area of responsibility. The emphasis was aimed at combatting in particular violent crime and those crimes compromising safety.

During this period the GNR registered:

  • 3645 people for driving under the influence alcohol (equal to / greater than 1.20 g / l);
  • 1329 people for lack of legal authorization to drive;
  • 499 for drug trafficking;
  • 175 for theft;
  • 173 for possession of prohibited weapons;
  • 30 for causing bodily harm.

Seizures included:

  • 786 guns (351 of which were genuine);
  • 11 998 rounds of ammunition of various calibre;
  • 4548 vehicles;
  • 364 834 euros in cash.

With regard to road side checks during the period of operation, and compared to the same period of 2014, the following is highlighted:

  • A reduction in fatalities – less 10.
  • An increase in the number of road crimes, with more drivers detected driving with a blood alcohol equal / greater than 1.20 g / l and without legal authorization to drive.
  • An increase in offenses, particularly the failure to use restraint systems and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The GNR has monitored over the years, the trends concerning road casualties, and identified the three main causes responsible for serious accidents (deaths and serious injuries), namely:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol (1 in 3 drivers killed in accidents of road driving with an illegal blood alcohol rate),
  • Speeding and
  • Failure to use restraint systems.

As a result of this knowledge, the GNR has directed its prevention and enforcement actions to focus on these matters thus likely account in the increase in registered offences.

Under the general policing, security was guaranteed at several musical shows (festivals and raves). During action taken at these events more than 10,000 drug doses were seized. Festivals held in the districts of Santarém and Portalegre were events where more drugs were detected.

The PSP added that of the 4,000 plus residences that had requested police surveillance during the period their owners were absent on holiday, there was not a single break-in.

The PSP also reported that its “I’m Here” Programme, which involves tagging children under the age of nine so that parents may locate them, should they stray on the beach for example, was applied to over 50,000 children with the project’s success resulting in its continuity.