From 12th to 24th December, the GNR will be conducting Operation “Safe Trade” throughout the country, in order to ensure safety for traders and customers.

The operation will comprise various awareness and crime prevention activities aimed at traders to minimize the risk of crime leading up to the festive season.

This will also include increased GNR patrols near the trade zones, in order to increase the sense of security among tenants and customers. The various awareness raising activities to be held across the country, we highlight the actions that will be held on December 12, between 10:00 and 12:00 hours at the following locations: Porto – Vila do Conde The Style Outlets; Setúbal – Freeport Outlet Alcochete and Faro – Algarve Shopping.

The GNR advises traders and businesses of the following:

  • Have well-lit establishment;
  • Before closing the establishment, make sure doors and windows are properly closed;
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash inside the establishment;
  • Have a proper routine for carrying out bank deposits;
  • Always have the telephone number of the GNR in your area of business;
  • Open the establishment at the same time as that of neighbours traders;
  • Keep the telephone number of the neighbouring stores;
  • In case of robbery keep calm, do not react, but memorize the facial features of the assailant;
  • After a break-in do not touch anything and contact the GNR immediately