The National Republican Guard (GNR) will undertake throughout the country, during the period from 16th to 24th December operation “Safe Commerce”, with the aim of ensuring the safety of traders and customers, due to the increased numbers of people in in commercial areas during this holiday season.

During the operation, the GNR territorial commanders will carry out actions to raise awareness among merchants, alerting them to the security procedures to be adopted in order to prevent them from being targets of crime.

Patrol will also be strengthened in the commercial zones, with the aim of increasing the sense of security among shopkeepers and customers.

For traders, GNR advises:

  • Have the property’s entrances / exits well lit;
  • Before closing the shop, check that the doors and windows are properly closed;
  • Do not keep large amounts of money inside the facility;
  • Do not have a regular routine for making bank deposits (keep it flexible);
  • Always have the GNR telephone contact available in your area of ​​the establishment;
  • In case of incident stay calm, do not react, and memorize memorize the appearance of the assailant;
  • After a robbery, do not touch anything and immediately contact the GNR.


For buyers / clients, GNR advises:

  • Avoid carrying large sums of money and valuables,
  • On a busy street, carry your handbag or briefcase on the opposite side of the curb, staying close to the buildings;
  • Avoid driving in isolated, dimly lit locations;
  • If someone bumps into you, check that your wallet, mobile phone and other valuables are still with you;
  • In case of assault, do not resist, collaborate with the assailant, and try to memorize the appearance of the aggressor: stature and complexion, clothing, etc., and contact GNR as soon as possible.