From 11th to 15th February the GNR will carry out, through the sections of Criminal Prevention and Community Policing units, a set of awareness actions aimed at the general population, and in particular the most vulnerable, including children, young and old, with the objective of informing the community of the need to prevent violent behaviour.

Violence can be inflicted in a variety of ways, from physical, psychological, emotional and sexual gratitude. Neglect and abandonment can be considered as violent acts of omission. Physical assaults, acts of vandalism, use of weapons, thefts and robberies tops the list of behaviour that show the most concern.

The GNR, through personal contact in homes, public and private spaces, and especially with the school community, during the following days will address some issues that are of concern in society, namely:

  • 11th – Violence between Peers;
  • 12th – Domestic Violence;
  • 13th – Violence in Sport;
  • 14th – Dating Violence;
  • 15th – Violence Against the Elderly.

With these awareness actions, the GNR intends to convey a message of concern with this type of crime and a commitment to help eradicate or minimize it, by creating a climate of trust and empathy within the population and increasing the sense of security.