Operation Welcome

On the 2nd and 3rd August 20124, the GNR will be conducting an operation involving increased road patrols, with the aim of supporting migrants and foreign tourists entering Portugal by land, using the boundaries of Valencia (district of Viana do Castle), Vila Verde da Raia (Vila Real district), Quintanilla (district of Bragança), Vilar Formoso (district of Guarda), Caia (district of Portalegre) and Castro Marim (Faro district).

During the operation, which will with the collaboration of Associação Estradas de Portugal, Portugal and Associação CAP MAGELLAN Association, will involve 122 GNR officers from commands at Bragança, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real, Guarda, Portalegre and Faro.

The GNR will provide information regarding the main causes of accidents and as rest periods, their frequency and duration. In parallel, the supervisory component will focus on driving under the influence of alcohol, speed control, the use of safety belts and child restraint systems and the condition of the tyres.

They will also distribute leaflets to drivers, developed in partnership with the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), which contain advice for the prevention of road accidents and crime. The aim of this initiative, supporting migrants and tourists visiting our country, is to reinforce the concept of “Portugal, a safe destination”, by increasing the feeling of safety and contributing to the reduction of road accidents