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On 24th and 25th December the GNR, in addition to their daily operational activities, carried out a series of operations aimed at preventing and combating violent crime, through roadside inspections in the following districts / territorial commands:

Aveiro; Beja; Braga; Bragança;  Coimbra; Evora; Faro;  Leiria; Lisbon;Porto; Portalegre; Santarém; Setúbal; Viana do Castelo; Vila Real and Viseu.

As a result of these operations 51 persons were arrested as follows: 29 for driving under the influence of alcohol; 12 for driving without legal authorization; one for theft;  four for drug trafficking; one for possession of prohibited weapons and three for other crimes. 

Most significant seizures were: 147.78 doses of heroin; 34,36 doses of cocaine; 668.45 doses of hashish; a firearm; one private motor vehicle; 300 Swiss francs and 540 euros.

A total of 6225 drivers were checked and 2171 offenses were detected including: 65 driving with alcohol level higher exceeding the legal limit (in 6438 tests) and 1386 speeding (in 84 502 controls). 

For provisional data of road accidents were registered: 469 accidents; five dead; 11 serious injuries and 114 minor injuries.