The GNR Port Territorial Command recovered the components of cars in Trofa and Vila do Conde, in an operation that began on February 17 and ended on April 12, according to GNR.

“The operation, which is part of a process of investigation into theft and receipt of stolen vehicles, has already been carried out in four searches carried out in warehouses and in the commercial establishment of used car parts.”

This operation had the collaboration of two experts from the Judiciary Police in the identification of the components of more than 300 stolen automobiles. The investigation has detected components of more than 300 high-end cars, with the most notable being the BMW, Renault, Peugeot and Citrõen brands, stolen during the period between 2011 and 2017 but particularly during the period June 2015 and February 2017 .

Also according to the GNR, this action “required a detailed analysis of the provenance of the thousands of components found, such as engines, gearboxes, central units, seats, panoramic roofs, axles, seats and doors.”

The value of the vehicles that have been proven as stolen will be about five million euros, and the procedures for delivery of the goods now recovered to their owners has started.