GNR of Castelo Branco have announced that it has recovered a piece of sacred art, stolen 21 years ago, from the Ponsul riverbed, close to the Lentiscais Bridge.

In a statement, the GNR Castelo Branco Territorial Command explains that the recovery of the sacred art piece, missing 21 years ago, took place on Tuesday.

“With the reduction of flow in the river Ponsul, the military was alerted by a member of the public of the appearance of an ‘alminha’, near the Lentiscais bridge, which had been stolen from the parish of Louriçal do Campo

He also said that the Mountain Sub-Grouping of the GNR Emergency Protection and Relief Unit was deployed and collected the sacred piece of art weighing more than one hundred kilos , through a recovery action made from the bridge deck. .

“The piece was handed over to its rightful owner, the parish council of Louriçal do Campo (Castelo Branco), which will proceed with its restoration and replacement in its original location,” says GNR.

Portugal is the only country in the world that has its cultural heritage, usually located on the edge of rural roads and at crossroads, the alminhas, popular representations of the souls of Purgatory that beg for prayers and alms.

Often, they appear in small, patterned, independent niches or embedded in walls or in church corners, tile panels, or other independent structures.