GNR today began Operation “Christmas and New Year” by reinforcing road patrol on the country’s busiest roads in order to prevent accidents and ensure smooth traffic flow.

For the operation, which ends January 5, the Republican National Guard (GNR) will mobilize about 4,600 military personnel from the National Transit Unit and Territorial Commands daily to provide a safe journey for road users during the Christmas season and new Year.

From today onwards, the GNR will have “special concern for the risk behaviour of drivers” which sometimes gives rise to serious accidents.

The military will be “particularly alert” to speeding, dangerous manoeuvres, overtaking, changing direction and giving way, mobile phone use while driving, non-right-hand traffic on major and complementary highways and routes and use of seat belts.

In a statement, GNR advises drivers to carefully plan their trips, avoiding the end-of-day periods when traffic is expected, to rest properly before the journey and at least every two hours, or whenever they feel the need, make rest stops and adjust the speed to the weather conditions, the state of the road and the volume of road traffic.

That security force also suggests that people remain patient in situations of high traffic intensity, which may force you to travel at low speeds, and avoid manoeuvres that may result in traffic embarrassment or contribute to the occurrence of accidents.