The Coastal Control Unit (UCC),using soldiers deployed on the islands of Samos and Kastellorizo, Greece, as part of the mission of the European Border and Coastguard Agency (FRONTEX), have rescued 133 migrants during a maritime patrol.

In the south of Pitagorio – Samos, 46 people (21 children, 11 women and 14 men) were rescued. In the eastern part of the island, 52 people (24 children, 11 women and 17 men) were rescued.

On the island of Ro, near the island of Kastellorizo, 35 people were rescued (17 children, 11 women and seven men), who were in rocks, where they swam after the ship in which they were passengers was shipwrecked.

The 133 migrants were rescued by Portuguese vessels and handed over to the Greek authorities.

The main objective of this FRONTEX operation is to prevent, detect and suppress illegal activities related to illegal immigration, trafficking in human beings and other cross-border crimes, but fundamentally contributing to the safeguarding of human lives at sea by search and rescue missions.

In less than a month, the Portuguese force deployed in Samos and Kastellorizo ​​has already rescued 297 migrants.