Between 1st and 4th December the GNR Coastal Control Unit (UCC), seized 3 770 kilos of clams, with a value of 29,110 euros, in the vicinity of the cities of Porto and Lisbon.

The Matosinhos Coastal Detachment Detachment, in the course of an inspection of the transportation of fish, shellfish and crustaceans, today, on December 4, seized 750 kilos of clams, with a  value of 6 750 euros. The merchandise seized was detected in a light goods vehicle, and it was found that there were irregularities in the fulfilment of the transport documents, as well as the value of the catch was higher than allowed by law per vessel, far exceeding the permitted number of kilos.

The Lisbon Coastal Detachment Detachment, through the Coastal Control Sub-Station of Fonte da Telha, during the weekend, seized 3020 kilos ofclamss, with a value of 22 360 euros.

Part of this seizure was the result of a number of surveillance actions aimed at controlling the transport and commercialization of clams, where the soldiers detected an individual to catch 610 kg of these bivalves were seized in Estuary of the river Tagus.

The remaining 2410 kg of Japanese clams were seized in the towns of Alcochete and Samouco, and the military detected several individuals carrying out the transport of them without being accompanied by the necessary registration documents for their collection and transportation.

In the total of these actions, the UCC identified three individuals and prepared three counts of infractions.

The live clams were returned to their natural habitat.