The Coastal Control Unit, through the Olhão Coastal Control Sub-Detachment, on Wednesday, October 16, seized 270 kilos of bivalves, estimated at 1280 euros, in Olhão and Quarteira.

As part of a surveillance and patrolling action aimed at preserving marine species and safeguarding fauna and flora on the island of Culatra, the military detected 224 kilos of shell captured in a prohibited area and was immediately seized.

Following the action, two men of 46 and 48 years were identified, and the respective case records were prepared, with a fine of up to 37,500 euros.

In the same morning, in the town of Quarteira, the military seized 17 kilos of shellfish, 13 kilos of mussel, 7 kilos of oyster, 5 kilos of Japanese clam and 4 kilos of cockles for being placed on the retail market for sale to bulk, without having passed a dispatch center.

Two men of 30 and 32 years old were identified and the respective infraction notice was issued, punishable with a fine up to 25000 euros. The bivalves, being alive, were returned to their natural habitat.

GNR warns that ingestion of contaminated bivalves can cause serious health problems as bivalve molluscs are filter-feeding organisms that have the ability to accumulate various toxic contaminants in their tissues.