The GNR seized goods valued at € 3.8 million in 2016 in the context of fraud and tax evasion, and also seized about 20,000 cars, which amounted to more than eight million euros.

At the ceremony marking the 106th anniversary of the Republican National Guard, the commander-in-chief of the GNR, Lieutenant General Manuel Couto, reported the most significant results of the corporation’s operational activity in 2016.

“In the tax and customs area, the GNR registered the seizure of merchandise with a value in the order of 3.8 million euros, plus about 20 thousand autos, amounting to more than eight million euros of fines imposed,” said the commander-in-chief highlighting the investigation of 6,415 cases with a value of more than 217 million euros.

Lieutenant-General Manuel Couto also reported that 1.4 million drivers were monitored by the GNR in 2016.

Last year, GNR detained more than 20,000 people and, in the field of nature and environmental protection, registered 2,077 crimes, seizing more than 18,000 cars and made 135 arrests.

The commander-in-chief of the GNR also paid tribute to the two soldiers of the GNR killed in service in 2016, in addition to highlighting all others who suffered injuries in the performance of the operational activity.

According to this security force, more than 1,000 crimes were committed against the GNR militias in 2016, resulting in two fatalities and 185 injuries.