GNR recorded 10 crimes related to abuse and pet abandonment, seized 68 animals and accused one person during a surveillance operation, the corporation said today.

The Republican National Guard, through the Nature and Environment Protection Service (SEPNA), carried out, between November 25th and December 6th, all over the country, a set of pet control actions aimed at improving the quality of life and welfare of animals.

In a statement of the operation “Legal Friends 2019”, the GNR said that it recorded five crimes of abuse of pet animals and five other crimes of abandonment, in addition to the seizure of 68 animals, 11 people identified and a defendant.

During the 12 days of the operation, that security force also detected 147 offenses for lack of registration, vaccination and electronic identification.

The GNR underlines that Christmas is a time prone to the purchase of pets, and as such, is the right time to “alert and raise awareness of the care that pets require, thus acting pre-emptively on a theme that demonstrates a growing interest and concern among the population.”

Operation “Legal Friends 2019” mobilized several military commands, in particular from the SEPNA structure and criminal investigation, who paid special attention to crimes of mistreatment and abandonment of pet animals, as well as illegal fighting between animals, offenses. In total, GNR inspected 1,051 animals.