On 19th June 2014 GNR Silves with the support of the GNR Intervention Unit Faro, executed a search warrant at a property in Vales de Pera, Pera.

The operation, which took place following an investigation into a crime of drug trafficking, culminating in the arrest of a citizen  aged 43 years residing locally, indicted for the crime of drug trafficking and possession of prohibited weapons.

During the search of the residence 80 individual doses of hashish, 26 meters of cannabis still in the growth phase (in pots) and 4 meters of mature cannabis already in the drying phase were seized. Also seized were 112 grams of dried cannabis leaf saltiva, an extendable baton, a baton and a taser weapon. The property contained a greenhouse for the cultivation of cannabis plants, consisting of solar panel wind turbine, which were also seized.

The detainee is to appear at the Judicial District Court of Silves for determination of remand measures